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About Dawn To Dusk

Dawn and dusk are the most precious moments of the day, when we feel full of joy, serenity and hope. Each morning we start afresh but gradually we are immersed into our busy lives that throw us out of balance; then, we try to restore our souls when the sun goes down and the stars appears in the sky. Dawn and dusk are the sublime reminders of the eternal cycle of life.

The Dawn to Dusk scarf is a luxurious token filled with the energy of calmness and joy of a glorious crisp morning and a beautiful tranquil evening. While going through a busy day, close your eyes, feel the luxurious weightless silk touching your skin to bring back the feelings of balance, clarity and joy. Take a deep breath and go through the day invincible, with your head held high, gradually stepping  into the night feeling accomplished, proud of yourself, relaxed and happy. 

Down To Dusk designs small collections of scarves, made in UK  from 100% natural and ethically sourced fabric. 

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